YPF Brand Guideline

We use our logo properly.

Logo Variation

YPF Full Colour Logo

Logo in Full Colour

YPF Logo in Negative

Logo in Negative

YPF Logo in Positive

Logo in Positive

YPF Logo Colours

YPF Grey


CMYK: 63, 55, 54, 28
RGB: 90, 90, 90
PANTONE #5a5a5a

YPF Orange


CMYK: 9, 82, 99, 1
RGB: 219, 83, 39
PANTONE #db5327

YPF Green


CMYK: 85, 21, 66, 4
RGB: 0, 144, 116
PANTONE #009074

YPF Yellow


CMYK: 14, 18, 100, 0
RGB: 225, 196, 34
PANTONE #elc422

YPF Pink


CMYK: 12, 95, 22, 0
RGB: 24, 47, 111
PANTONE #d62f6f

YPF Blue


CMYK: 51, 14, 6, 0
RGB: 120, 83, 217
PANTONE #78b7d9

The gray is for Text use only. The other colors can be used as backgrounds and main colors as long as the correct logo used.

Logo Do’s

Transparent Logo
Do use the full-color logo where possible
Darker Image Logo
Do use the white logo on darker photographic backgrounds. But take care to ensure legibility. If the photo is lighter then you may need to use the Grey logo
Colored Background
Do use the white logo on coloured backgrounds that will clash with the primary logo
exclusion zone logo
Do use the logo with the correct exclusion zone, which is equal to the width of the figures’ hands on the letter ‘P’ of ‘PEACE’
Light Background Color
Do use the grey version if the background colour is light
Logo placement use
Do when the logo is being used as a primary image the logo should be central. If the logo is an addition to the artwork, the logo should sit at the top right

Logo Don’t

squash the logo
Don’t stretch or squash the logo
Darker Bckground
Don’t use the grey version on a dark background
Rotate Logo
Don’t rotate the logo
illustrative logo
Don’t use the grey logo on an unsuitable background image
Smaller Logo
Don’t use the logo smaller than 15mm
Artist Logo
Don’t add any other elements to the logo such as embellishments or illustrative details

Yes! Now you can use YPF logo in print and web creative. We expect from you that you will use it at the right place. YPF logo neither use for commercial purpose nor any product or service promotion purpose. The sole objective is to use of YPF logo is to promote Peace and Peace related activities.