Author: YPF India

What is Love?

LOVE is the most beautiful emotion among all of them. This Love is often confused as the adultery feeling which is about craving for one other particular person. It is always mistaken as a sense of attraction or obsession for somebody and mainly refers to attachment between two opposite genders. In this modern era, mainly everybody is so fascinated with the infatuation of opposite gender which later is interpreted as LOVE.

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What is Life?

Wind blows, flowers blooms, sky pours, sun shines, stars twinkle and much more happens all around whatsoever we can think about – any action or reaction; substance or nonentity; till somebody is alive; It has life. It can be human or it can be an animal the occurrence of numerous events pertains only till they have Life. Once Life goes every other thing continues as it is but that realm to feel something, conquer something, live any moment, accomplish any wish, imagine any twill becomes unrealistic and non-feasible which itself says the significance of LIFE.

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Why is it important to have peace in your Life?

Peace is characterized by a lack of conflict and freedom from fear of violence. Commonly understood as the absence of war, where people can live happily without fear.
Peace is as important as other fundamental needs are. Like food, clothing and shelter Peace is also a fundamental need. When people will be at peace then everything will be in its right place. Today we all are facing lots of challenges like Stress, Low self-Esteem, Negativity. We have very less time for wellbeing and peace. All these problems have only one solution inner peace.

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